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Welcome to our website. The SDT Project by e-HELLAS integrates cycling with the evolution of Ermoupolis, the capital of Cyclades, to e-Ermoupolis, meaning that it will become a "Smart City". If you want to review the "Terms and Conditions" of our website please click here. Next race on the has not been scheduled, yet. 

Details of SDT Project

Who are we?

The Organization for Information Societies "e-HELLAS" was established in 2001. We have the legal form of not-for-profit organization. Our projects integrate Web 2.0 information and communication technologies with social and business networking models. We offer educational, conference and seminars services to citizens, businesses and professionals. We also run Centers for Creativity, Wellness, Social Networking and Business Networkin in Athens. Aegio, Syros and Mykonos. Our main objective is to develop a network of smart cities in Greece and abroad.

What is the meaning of a "Smart City"?

A "Smart City" is a term that evolved by the "Digital City" or "Smart Municipality". All "Smart" terms like "smart phones", "smart devices", "smart TVs", "smart transportation etc. are a conceptual product for the application of information and communication technologies. Until 2020, over 20 billion devices will be "smart". "Smart" devices and networks support "smart services" related to health, education, networking, transportation, economy, tourism etc. A "Smart City" applies a set of "smart products and services" targeted to citizens, organizations, businesses and tourists and finds social, sustainable, innovative and efficient solutions for its problems.

What is the SDT Project?

It is an innovative project implemented in Syros, in the context of a larger project which is the "Network of Smart Cities by e-HELLAS" and its objective is to offer an innovative and creative solution to one of the most important problems for the citizens, visitors and tourist living or visiting Ermoupolis and Ano Syros. The steps. The creative solution is to transform Ano Syros and Ermoupolis into a "Smart City" that twice a year becomes a huge urban bike park with urban downhill tracks - the Mecca of Urban Downhill and Cycling Tourism.

When the SDT Project started?

The project started at the 09/09/2014 when our organization applied to the Municipality of Syros - Ermoupolis for the approval. It is a complicated project so, the final approval was issued at 08/07/2015 about 10 months later.

Is there a relation between a bike park and a smart city?

The versatility and utilization of the local resources is a core function of a Smart City and a sustainable local society. A Smart City integrates the business and social contexts in order to apply smart solutions to its problems. The local dynamics and know how of businesses and professionals in Syros can support a long term and demanding project like the SDT Project. A smart city is organized to serve its citizens, visitors and tourists in a model based only to the criterion of continuous improvement and enhancement of the quality of life. The bike park is the business and touristic part of the equation and the smart city is a model for a social organization or network

What the "smart" utilization of the bike park and its ramps?

The ramps of the bike park are utilized all year by all citizens, visitors and tourists in order to transfer people and goods. Twice a year the ramps will be used for the urban downhill race.

What is the main problem caused by the "steps" in both Ano Syros and Ermoupolis?

The "steps" are the main cause of depopulation of both cities. Living or visiting a city with steps is very difficult and demanding especially for the mobility of citizens and goods. So, most of the young people avoid to live in Ano Syros or the hill-side of Ermoupolis.

Is there a positive aspect of the "steps" problem?

Yes, we think there is. The "steps" are a touristic resource and can be used to develop a Sports or Cycling Tourism product - the Syros Down Town Urban Dowhill Race or Park. This kind of alternative tourism product can be the scenery for the production of a spectacular promotional material that will become "viral" that will present Syros globally as a destination for urban cycling. The Mecca of Urban Downhill and Cycling.

Which are the short-term results of Syros Down Town Urban Downhill Race?

The short-term results are:

  • a) an enhancement of Syros branding campaign and touristic promotion of Syros that can be equal to the one achieved by Santorini by the free running race in Oia. All videos will become viral globally to the cyclists community.
  • b) promotion of a viable and sustainable solution for the problem of steps and invention of multipurpose ramps
  • c) revenue generation for local cunstruction companies and professionals

Which are the core elemets of a global Urban Downhill destination?

a) The most important element is the network of ramps. This will be extented each year and will have permanent and temporary ramps. b)Mechanisms have to be designed that will be attached on the ramps in order to carry people and products. c)The track of every race has to be different from the previous one - not only as a route but also in constructions or difficulty etc. d)The event has to last a week and attract all the best riders of the world.

How would the bike park be integrated with the traditional arts of Syros?

We propose to integrate the bike park with the traditional ship building art of Syros. The construction of traditional naval street museum where the structure of the ramp will resemble a traditional ship.

What is the business context of the project?

The SDT Project is a private project financially supported by local, national and global businesses. The most important asset of the project is the video and photo material. This is managed by the SDT Project Team and is produced only by certified photographers or video producers. The businesses that participate in the cluster and their clients or the project supporters can use this material in their commercial web sites or their social media pages i.e. facebook, twitter, etc. It is strictly prohibited to upload multimedia material in commercial web pages without at least the written consent of the SDT Project Team. The private and personal uploading of videos and photos by riders and the public is permitted. The commercial use of all the material produced by the SDT Project is controlled. The SDT Team is a cluster of businesses where each one of them is responsible for a part of the project i.e. accommodation services, transfer services etc. Each member of the cluster participates in the project management team. The sustainability of the project depends on the following factors:

  • High monetary prizes to riders and scientists
  • Quality, variety, innovation of all the project activities - exhibition, conference, workshops, urban downhill race
  • Implementation of a innovative tourism product marketing plan

How can a business advertise its products and services?

There are the following advertising plans in SDT project:

  • a) On Ramp Advertisement - Stencil style or using special full-colored adhesive membranes - Cost by the size of the advertisement i.e. 1,25m x 1,25m ή 1,25m x 2,5m
  • b) In video Advertisement - A 30 secs or Logo only business video is preceding the official video of the event
  • c) All business have usage rights to all the multimedia material of the event
  • d) Web and Facebook advertising, printed advertising and advertising stamps on T-Shirts or hats.
  • e) Creation of a custom-made and exclusive video of the event for a business
  • f) Ramp Godfather - a business can construct a ramp based on our specifications
  • h) Printed banner-advertising i.e. start and finish terminals or along the track
  • i) Business kiosk at the start or finish terminal
  • j) Under the line promotional activities like paddock girls.