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Welcome to our website. The SDT Project by e-HELLAS integrates cycling with the evolution of Ermoupolis, the capital of Cyclades, to e-Ermoupolis, meaning that it will become a "Smart City". If you want to review the "Terms and Conditions" of our website please click here. Next race on the has not been scheduled, yet. 

Smart Cities Conference "e-Ermoupolis or a Ghost City"


"e-Ermoupolis or a Ghost City"




Cyclades Chamber of Commerce Conference Center

Main Topic:

Both Ano Syros, a historical settlement, and Ermoupolis, the capital of Cyclades are depopulated due to the steps. Our conference will examine and present ways to evolve Ermoupolis to a Smart City that will face efficiently the problem of the steps and propose the transformation of Ermoupolis into a huge urban bike park that will take advantage of the steps and finally become a well known urban downhill destination. Revenues generated by the operation of the bike park will be used for maintenance and extension of the smart facilities.


Cycling in Smart Cities

Main Questions:

 Is it possible to use, modify and evolve a network of ramps that were built for a urban downhill race into a netwrok of ramps used by all citizens, tourists in order to move efficiently and carry goods / materials more easily? Are there many cities in the world that can become a huge urban bike park? Are there any other alternatives for the depopulation of both cities? Is there funding for such smart and integrated solutionsIs an urban bike park a touristic product that can attract visitors, investors and tourists? Which are the cultural, managerial and operational obstacles in a project like that?


Invitation only conference. We welcome students, scientists, inventors, businesses and loca authorities to participate and exchange ideas during our experiential conference. The conference is scheduled twice a year. The main objective of the 1st conference is to form a project team that will manage the project and prepare the 2nd Open Conference. So, the October conference is a technical one, targeted to all the local stakeholders and the May one will invite experts around the world to exchange ideas and practices with the local stakeholders. 


Formation of a project team and a cluster of businesses and organizations that can develop an EU proposal for the funding of the project. 

Accommodation Services

All the hotels and rooms to let that participate in our project

Food, Drink and Entertainment

Coffee shops, restaurants, bars and clubs that participate in our project. 

Just an idea that could be used in Ermoupolis

Monorack is a product of Doppelmayer, the global leader in lift and funiculars. In Greece, Doppelmayer has constructed the Funicular of Santorini. Monorack is used in Agricultural or remote terrains where transfer of people and materials is difficult. We propose the development of a high tech and modern lift based on the Monorack product that will run from Ermoupolis to Ano Syros and will relieve all the citizens and offer a solution to the problem of steps. We plan to contact Doppelmayer for more information and possible co-operation.    

SDT Project Social Economy Program 

SDT Project offers to business that wish to advertise or support the project a way to support social organization that offer services to the citizens of Syros. The Social Economy Program is a way to evolve the STD Project as a channel of financing for other organizations except e-HELLAS. The idea is that a business can offer the 80% of the net cost of advertising of support to any of the organizations that we suggest. The 20% of the net cost will support the SDT project. The organizations that we suggest you to support are 1) Syros Special Needs and Skills People Organization 2) All Parental Organizations 3) Syros Underage Support Organization 4) Renal Patients Organization 5) Home Care Organization and 6) Cultural Organization of Ano Syros

Urban Dowhill Race - Syros Down Town 2016




Biannual - October and May


 07 & 08-05-2016


Ermoupolis and Ano Syros - Syros Island, Cyclades, Greece

Track visit on foot, Trials (at least 2 times), Qualifying round, Finals 

Total Distance:

1,6 km

Altitude difference:

160 m
Riders categories

Junior, Elite, Master (Men and Women) 


Five best times 


Prizes depend on the number of the riders. Each prize includes 20% tax + tax stamp for the amateur riders. Professional riders should issue an invoice. 

Maximum number of riders:

150 Riders

Minimum number of riders:

60 Riders

Total number of riders in the finals:

66% of the riders will participate in the finals

Insurance Coverage:

Our organization is covered for civil responsibilities against all third parties (including riders), for damages and accidents that may occur by our organization or our partners or workers or contractors that are in any way related to the Syros Down Town Projectm that includes seminars, urban downhill race and conference. The employer responsibility is also covered. 
Basic race services

Light food, water during all rounds, race number, transfer to start by bus (the riders) and by truck for the bicycles, first aid, medical doctor service, race souvenir 

Extra Services:

30% discount in Ferries transportation, accommodation, food, entertainment, shopping i.e. bicycle accessories, eyewear etc.

Photo and Video Rights

Video and Photo shooting is permitted only to certified professionals. Riders and spectators can shoot video and photos and may uploaded only to their personal websites of Facebook pages. Uploadingvideos to professional or commercial websites is prohibited

Bike rental:

Unfortunately, the prices for downhill bicycles rental is very expensive in Greece. 

Safety equipment rental:

We are still under negotiations with businesses offering such services

Action camera rental 

You can rent an action camera

Bike Repair Service

There will be a bicycle repair service

Test Rides

We are still under negotiations with businesses offering such services